General Classes

We try to keep our class schedule fresh and fun! So we do change classes around to better meet the goals of our members.

A few of our regular classes include:
"Box Lunch": Every weekday come join us on your lunch hour from 12:15-12:45 for our very own "Box Lunch"- Instead of consuming calories, why not burn them? This is a fast 1/2 hour Basic Boot Camp. 

Kick Boxing: An exciting fast paced class! You will focus on proper punching and kicking techniques as well as general fitness.

Abdominal Class: Whether you are looking to have that perfect six pack or just want to focus on building core strength this is the class for you! So much more then just crunches, Jill will take you through the perfect ab routine that will work all of your ab muscles.

Bag Drills Class: Who would have ever thought so many different bag drill exercises were possible? You will learn actual drills used by fighters to prepare for an upcoming fight.

BoxFit Circuit Class: This class focuses on the science of boxing technique as well as general conditioning. If you want to expand your knowledge of the “sweet science” this is the class for you. You will rotate through 12 unique stations, which will involve different aspects of boxing.


Conditioning Class: If you are looking to be challenged beyond your normal workout comfort zone...this is the class for you. From resistance sprints to plyometrics this class will give you a great workout.


Intro to BoxFit Class: Are you tired of the same old treadmill/weight lifting gym routine. This is the class that shows you what we are all about. Many of our first time visitors begin here. You will learn the basics of boxing as well as some general conditioning during this class. This class is for all fitness levels.