Kids Classes

These classes are for kid's 5-12yrs of age. We have found through experience that kid's in this age range need the structure of the class environment. They are not able to effectively come in and work out by themselves.

These classes are offered 3 days per week (Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at Noon). These classes are taught by Chauncy Welliver and several of our other professional boxing trainers. We often recruit some of the older kids from our amateur program to help during these classes, these older kids are also great role models for the younger kids.

The classes will involve learning the basics of boxing, agility/speed training as well as fun time in the ring hitting hand pads (like the professionals.) We also incorporate fun boxing related games to better teach techniques.

These classes are ideal for parents looking to build their child's self-confidence, stop bullying and/or to give their child a unique fitness opportunity.