Amateur Program

This is the program for anyone who want's to actually compete in the ring as a USA Boxing amateur.  The team for BoxFit is limited to 10 team members, this allows the team to receive personalized training and instruction in a group setting. Each team member will also receive alternating times for one on one instruction by the team captain Chauncy Welliver.

This amateur program is unique in that to maintain a position on the team we require our team members to conduct themselves in a certain manner outside the gym.  Our team rules include.

•    If required to attend school, maintain adequate attendance.
•    Maintain passing grades in all classes.
•    Conduct yourself appropriately outside the gym which includes:
      a. No fighting outside the ring  
      b. No disrespectful talking about another gym, another fighter or another coach.
      c. No disrespectful behavior towards your parent or guardian
•    You will be required to attend all team training sessions (minimum 3 per week)
•    You understand the coaches will not allow thug behavior or general disrespect on your personal

      FaceBook page.
•    Do not break the law, under any circumstances.
•    The whole team volunteers one Sunday a month for a local non-profit for 4 hours.

As a member of this team we will travel as a team to a minimum of six amateur events outside of Spokane each season. The team will be required to participate in a variety of fundraising events each year, to raise funds for travel and expenses. The remaining money not covered with fundraising will be paid for by BoxFit.

The amateur program works out/spars (Tuesday/Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm, Saturday/Sunday 1:00-3:00pm.) You must participate in three out of the four team workouts per week to maintain your membership on this team.
Membership fee's are $55 per month ($47 per month for students). Additionally each team member will need to register with USA Boxing. To register, click here

There will be tryouts throughout the year as one of the ten team spots opens up. Check with Coach Chauncy Welliver for the next scheduled tryout 509-218-9881.